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Greater London currently has thirty three bridges. The majority are public bridges where traffic and pedestrians mingle but a few are exclusively railway bridges.  Southwark bridge seen in my night photo below opened in 1921. Of arch construction, Southwark bridge is apparently the least used of the central London bridges. I have no figures or comparisons for London bridges away from the centre but if you are so inclined and are of a bridge anorak demeanour I am sure the fascinating facts can be obtained. What I have gleaned from a quick search is that it was designed by Ernest George and Basil Mott and it is closed for one special weekend each year as part of the Thames festival which I have attended and taken photos, one of which can be seen on the August 2015 page and more directly here. A new London bridge is in the offing and it is a much anticipated river crossing for Londoners. The Joanna Lumley bridge or as it will probably be known the 'garden bridge' will be a footbridge only crossing so no motorised traffic except perhaps allowing two wheeled segway or stand-up machines and bicycles. Wheelchair users will of course be very welcome. The garden bridge as its name implies will be a bridge like no other London bridge. Trees, garden shrubs and flowers will greet visitors eager to make use of the newest London bridge and the copper nickel structure supporting this London oasis has a sculptural form in the Art Deco style

Southwark bridge, one of the lesser known of London's river crossings

This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of SEPTEMBER 2015

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)