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these be-tuniced men might bear the same initials on their smart black hats but those initials of R.H. do not denote the two Ronnies and besides, the comedic duos surnames were Corbett and Barker. RH in this instance stands for Royal Hospital and that special Hospital is in the gentrified area of London called Chelsea. The two men who kindly posed for this photo are what is known as in-pensioners. In a former life they would have served in the British army and in retirement having met certain conditions could live as a Chelsea pensioner within the Royal Hospital which offers board and lodging, clothing and full medical care. The minutae of everday living expenses that include food, heat and 12 pints of ale are not mentioned as being free. Alas, I did not obtain the men's names but they travelled this evening away from their upmarket barracks to visit the area around the Tower of London which has the world famous poppy installation which temporarily surrounds the historic tower. My other pics of the poppies can be seen here

two in-Pensioners from Royal Hospital Chelsea seen at the Tower of London
blood swept lands and seas of red information board and poppies installation at the Tower of London
Tower of London poppies art installation and Tower bridge at night


The Chelsea Pensioners image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of SEPTEMBER 2015

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)