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sign the petition? I liked It was one of my first ports of call when considering purchasing the little usually inexpensive things I occasionally wanted. Customer care was excellent if purchases went wrong and they offered a quibble free refund and charge free return of the faulty goods. I'm sure they are still a very customer focused business but since watching a BBC documentary made by the Panorama team I am no longer one of their customers - not that my snubbing them will make a jot of difference to their profits. The documentary exposed that that famous customer care did not extend to some of its own employees. I didn't like some of the working practices seen on the documentary and how technology was used to henpeck its workers. Amazon of course is not the only culprit to treat some of its workforce a little shabbily but because Amazon is such a behemothian retailer I feel it would be rewarded with happier staff and productivity if it took a leaf out of the John Lewis manual of how to look after the people that work for you! Amazon, Please don't turn some of your workers into easily replaceable drones. They are for the most part human :) and deserve better (2014)

You can watch the BBC documentary here then make up your mind as to whether this model of employment is fair today in Britain then maybe sign this petition if you believe there should be an end to to workforce 'drone-ification', casual low pay zero hours contract labour.......It's a slippery slope which may insidiously become the norm.  Please get it stopped. 

*Although  I dip in and out of many of the LBC radio presenter shows my main fix is James O'Brien. His show is from 10am to 1pm. As with the admirable equally smart and funny Russell Brand Mr O'Brien champions the section of society most in need of help so the poor, the put upon and everyone else in need of  a sympathetic ear or direct action (Russell to the rescue) can benefit from the middle class heavyweight champion (James) fighting their corner. Mr O'B does not suffer fools which is why I won't be ringing him during his three hour shift at LBC anytime soon. His mind is as quick as mine is slow so it works at lightning speed. The callers are from a cross (and sometimes very cross) section of society and it's heartening to hear the views from a street cleaner to those of a professor speaking about whichever subject is being dissected in any of the three hours. Long may LBC reign as the best talk show... probably in the world

  UPDATE 13th August 16:
Having admired Mr O'Brien and his ability to empathise and support those without a voice I took it upon myself to visit him at his place of work about a month ago in order to hand over information on Organised Stalking including my experiences and my audio files. James has worked as a Journalist in the distant past and I felt certain he would look in to this with the journalistic eye, detail and seriousness it merits. He did take the A4 envelope I wanted him to read and will thank him for reading it but was I wrong in my expectations! Days or possibly longer after handing him the envelope the only related material pertaining to Organised Stalking was his repeating the phrase 'Neuro Linguistic Programming' a few times on one of his LBC broadcasts, a phrase I've never used or mentioned in any of the material given. I did mention disinformation and gave a link to the Intercept's JTRIG article but all to no avail. Either I am shit at trying to get the truth of what is going on (very possible) or James has been very lazy at reading the material and following the links given as well as listening to the audio files (equally possible). Ultimately I feel extremely let down by Mr O'B and he, like many, see me and others being targeted for this pernicious programme as deluded individuals caught up with like minded people in the world of conspiraciy theories. He couldn't be more fucking wrong.

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