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APRIL 2015 archive of London based photos for the month of April 2015. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - night image from the thames shore at low tide where a couple stand by the river, the female looking at her phone. On the upper right of the photo a couple grab  a midnight kiss (2014) Image No2 - a UK prototype robocop seen as a permanent replacement for the British bobby on the beat. It costs less in wages and is unerringly accurate with a gun (2011) Image No3 - a rare proud moment for me as this image became the official Christmas card for St Paul's cathedral in 2009 (2009) Image No4 - pea souper in London (2007) Image No5 - abandoned and alone at Christmas as another pet is no longer wanted (2007) Image No6 - anticipation of the river part of the journey for some of the younger occupants of this amphibious vehicle  (2007) Image No7 - Battersea power staion looks to have only two chimneys in this recent photo where the huge building is finally being resurrected from a slow death (2015) Image No8 - biblical prophecies and warnings (2006) Image No9 - Millennium bridge turned into a temporary dance floor (2012) Image No 10 - singer and now presenter (and Strictly Come dancing contestant) Jamelia the superstar sees the funny side of my face (2006) Image No11 - boy hopes to impress his date with his smart gold and black hat topped uniform (2007) Image No 12 -winter snow scene from Greenwich park as a mother or grandmother takes a young child and dog for a walk and sledge ride around Greenwich park (2009) Image No13 - giving birth to the London eye (2011) Image No14 - hot Asian...elephant (2010) Image No 15 - Battersea Power station rebirth (2014) Image No16 - two Chelsea Pensioners and Tower of London poppies (2014) Image No 17 - Cartier emporium and Bentley car (2013) Image No18 - Trafalgar Square view in black and white (2011) Image No19 - Centrepoint building lookup (2012) Image No20 - school children's day out watching the Tall ships pageant near the O2 arena (2014) Image No21 - Angels ease mortals aches and pains away near Millennium bridge (2008) Image No22 - Curiosity for one boy moving in for a closer look (2007) Image No23 - Dragonfly in Kensington gardens (2015) Image No 24 - Cyndi Lauper in Leicester Square (1986) Image No 25 - aerial view across to the London eye taking in the river Thames and Westminster bridge (2009) Image No26 - 'hands' couples entwined in a dance of love (2008) Image No27 - Heygate estate graffiti and red telephone kiosk (2014) Image No 28 - Tower bridge and a beaming Shard skyscraper at night (2012) Image No29 - Guiness book of records standing on a metal rail attempt (2014) Image No30 - silhouetted parliament and big Ben (2008) Image No31 - Southwark bridge and the river Thames at night (2008) Image No 32 -Thames barrier in defence mode with small boats on the river Thames (2014) Image No 33 - fireworks near the London eye in night photo from Westminster bridge (2008)


images on display are from the years 2006-2015

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night image from London by the river Thames at low tide.A kissing couple are upon high. On the shore another couple linger 
couple by the thames shore at night and late night canoodling on the jetty
novel approach to policing in London using new gen robotics
new addition to the police, a more proactive version of a cpso seen here dancing in the street without Bowie or Jagger
St Paul's Cathedral with snow in February 2009 image from London
st pauls cathedral and early morning snow
couple standing on Westminster bridge with foggy Big Ben (2008)
couple look towards big ben in foggy london scene
Ted, one of London's many homeless at Christmas 200
ted, destitute and lonely this christmas
London Duck amphibious tour bus with young and slightly older passengers not yet in the Thames
when's the fun start?
Battersea Pwer station loses a chimney or two
battersea power station and trainlines
man in London wears a sign board with biblical message from Romans 14:12
      romans 14:12
pink hued Millennium bridge London August 2012
pink on a london bridge
Jamelia performing at the RISE festival in east London's Victoria Park
jamelia in another life
boy in Traditional costume from his parents country of origin at London carnival
south american boy in traditional national costume
snowy Greenwich park with large snowballs in the foreground along with a little girl pulling a sled with mum and their dog 
sledge pulling in snowy greenwich parkk
4 friends sitting in Greenwich park south east London 
four friends at the apex of greenwich park
Peckham council estate with no fairy tale ending
grimm tales about life in london
man with New Zealand flag sits on top of London Parlaiment Square lamppost 
waitangi day pole climber and big ben
Homeless guy called David using Pavement art to attract visitors and hopefully some money for his efforts 
homeless artist looking to make ends meet
London eye in platinum hue and white beams shooting from the 32 passenger capsules 
platinum london eye beaming across london
'the red one' Matrix like scene on a London bridge as traditional taxis dominate central London
back to back taxis on a london bridge
bollard graffiti at the G20 demonstration in the city of London 2009
standing on a belisha beacon
Tower bridge and snow at night with my Condor road bike posing in front of the landmark
my great condor bike and tower bridge at night under a green tinged light
historic london buildings and icons seen from across the thames - black and white london
beautiful girl in body paint at London's Carnaval del Pueblo 2007  pair of ducks stay close. one preens on this shimmery London pond
duck pair on impressionistic lake
backseat rider with his Dad doing the donkey work at the easy Rider bicycle day London
not damien from omen ii
  beautiful smiling carnival girl dipped head to toe in colour    
three London buses on a snowy London bridge and big Ben 
three buses on a london bridge
getting close and personal to riot police at the G20 demo London 2009
is a smile too much to ask?
vdark yellow coloured building with clear glass balcony panes - an office building 
riverbank house - the yellow building
London banker set alight in the Square Mile and hung from a traffic light system
banker spontaneously combusts
the Red Arrows display team in London led by Percy the pigeon seen here in Trafalgar Square 
catch the pigeon game played in london
Tower bridge at night with jetty and reflection of the landmark on the river 
tower bridge, a still thames and bridge reflection mirror image
friendly smiling face of a British 'bobby' also known as a Policeman near big Ben 
london poster boy for the metropolitan police
  G20 cheekiness from a young guy enlivening my photo taken at the G20 protest
image above used for Home page April 2015

all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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