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     archive of London based photos for the month of October 2015. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - Policeman riding his horse past Lloyd's tower (2008) Image No2 - protest in Parliament Square as men wearing Guantanamo Bay style orange boiler suits seek the release of at least three detainees (2010) Image No3 - phallically unchallenged Gherkin skyscraper (2011) Image No4 - Science bronze sculpture part of the Queen Victoria memorial on the Mall (2014) Image No5 - cycle racks outside a London train station (2015) Image No6 - coordinated kids on a processional float at the Lord Mayor's show (2008) Image No7 - man with umbrella-ella-ella (2008) Image No8 - Peregrine colony near Millennium bridge (2008) Image No 9 - washing line on a council flat balcony (2008) Image No10 - overgrown urban fox on the prowl in London (2011) Image No 11 - Riverbank house also known as the yellow building (2014) Image No12 - Seabourn Sojourn Maiden voyage in London (2010) Image No13 - lions open mouthed head with boat anchor ring and Dali signage (2008) Image No 14 - thumbs up from Freewheel steward (2007) Image No15 - Canary Wharf bank skyscrapers in a puddle (2008) Image No 16 - 240 Blackfriars Road SE1 (2014) Image No17 - Party guys at the Udderbelly festival (2008) Image No18 - flotsam jetsam (2010) Image No19 - Hanging gardens of Babylon Barbican (2008) Image No20 - walking the plank (2015) Image No21 -London eye at night times three (2010) Image No 22 - Big Ben and ghosts in the clouds (2008) Image No 23 - women of world war 2 (2014) Image No24 - girls preparing for a night on the tiles (2010) Image No25 - lakeside living (2010) Image No 26 - red Ferarri cars and Exlusive Bond Street shop (2010) Image No27 - marathon hi5s (2008) Image No28 - Westminster abbey Marshals offer a friendly face (2010) Image No29 - Luke Skiwalker in London (2015) Image No 30 - Buckingham Palace  (2014) Image No 31 - taxi driver Knowledge learner on his moped surrounded by traditional black cab drivers on Westminster bridge (2014) Image No32 - Udderbelly cows (2010) Image No33 - Tower bridge and girl with Dolphin sculpture at night (2012)

images on display are from the years 2008-2015

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Pale Rider on his horse riding through town passing Lloyds of London icon Guantanamo prisoner support in Parliament Square London
freedom for select guantanamo prisoners is the wish for these protestors
London's Gherkin tower of glass and Tower of London
the big blue one
Art and Science bronze figures near Buckingham palace
'science' bronze queen vic memorial
new sheriff in town      
London bicycle racks industrial scale
nice rack
four happy faces of children taking part in the annual Lord Mayors show (2007)
red and green clothed kids
rain man in London (2008)
rainman in london
Peregrine falcons in London to control the pigeons
falcons drill by the river
washing line with drying clothes on council flat balcony
washing line on bijou balcony
large urban fox hunting for food near the festival of Britain festival
fox eyeing prey
Riverbank House Upper Thames Street London image 1
riverbank house part deux
maiden voyage for Seabourn Sojourn in London 2010
boot anchor for a maiden voyage
Salvador Dali exhibition on London's South Bank and lions head boat anchor point
the lion king ring
London Freewheel bike event steward gives a thumbs up
stay of execution this time
banks of lights in banking skyscrapers at Canary Wharf Citibank Barclays, HSBC
banks of light
new office build at 240 Blackfriars Road London SE1
240 blackfriars road
happy times in London and within a free music tent on London's Southbank flotsam and jetsum and huge steel pipes seen at low tide on the Thames
weather beaten
Barbican balconies overflowing with love and care
hanging gardens of babylon barbican
scenic London with ponds plants and pigeons
ponds parks plants and pigeons
good times      
green hued London eye at night with light beams from the passenger capsules
londonn eye x3
big Ben tower and swirling clouds with ghosts from the past
ghosts over ben
World war two monument in Whitehall dedicated to WOMEN
monument to women's WWII contribution
pretty female mannequins dressed for partying in London
party girls
ducks and a London waterway close to colourful apartment blocks
duck's floating home
New Bond street Ferarri's and Ralph Lauren store (2010)
cut n shut ferarris
London marathon charity runners and hi5s (2008)
little hand of support
Westminster abbey marshals in red gowns (2010)
help at hand
middle aged male travels around London using ski wheels
missing the snow?
Buckingham Palace and steps at the base of the Queen Victoria monument and memorial
Buckingham Palace

big Ben and London taxi cabs and learner drivers on a London bridge
cabbies road rage
purple cows in London can mean one thing... Udderbelly is in town
a purple patch for Udderbelly festival
  red hued Tower bridge at night and girl with a dolphin sculpture 2012
image above used for Home page October 2015

 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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