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     archive of London based photos for the month of November 2015. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - Police arresting London protestors (2008) Image No2 - bicycle attraction for birds  (2009) Image No3 - frozen waves broken sublimes (2015) Image No4 - kite release on Blackheath (2014) Image No5 - backbone view to a few London landmarks (2009) Image No6 - up close and impersonal with some London taxis (2010) Image No7 - a couple leave Westminster bridge to walk in the direction of the London eye (2009) Image No8 - riding horses around the perimeter of a London park (2015) Image No 9 - London Olympics hopeful (2008) Image No10 - platinum to red London eye at night (2008) Image No 11 - baby elephant and her mother (2010) Image No12 - royal guard Buckingham palace  (2008) Image No13 - three London buses and traditional taxi (2012) Image No 14 - rose garden and big Ben (2010) Image No15 - top views from Greenwich (2008) Image No 16 - a couple walk hand in hand across Westminster bridge, the London eye seen in the background (2015) Image No17 - Tower bridge and outdoor seating area for visitors (2009) Image No18 - pumpkin time on Southwark bridge where traffic is of the human variety only (2007) Image No19 - Lorenzo Quinn's 'would you catch me if I fall' sculpture  (2015) Image No20 -  through the arch view to the Royal Academy (2015) Image No21 - jet trails over London in a London bridge shot featuring big Ben (2015) Image No 22 - Thames barrier on a sunny day  (2011) Image No 23 - tall ship, London visitors in Greenwich and view to Canary Wharf (2014) Image No24 - nine portrait images of Megan Fox painted by a pavement artist (2010) Image No25 - Nelson's column and wet paving stones (2009) Image No 26 - view from Blackfrairs bridge that is no longer as the upgraded station obscures it (2007) Image No27 - old London bus,a number 22 on Tower bridge (2009) Image No28 - families and other visitors to Piccadilly Circus (2014) Image No29 - sunset view from the South bank with 2 figure sculpture and parliament and big Ben (2011) Image No 30 - construction of the extension to the Tate Modern building  (2015) Image No 31 - dome of St Paul's cathedral seen through Millennium bridge (2009) Image No32 - Houses of Parliament (2010) Image No33 - love in the afternoon and the London eye (2009)

images on display are from the years 2007-2015

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four men strong-armed by the Metropolitan police force in Whitehall
arresting sights in london

pigeon in a London park strike a pose on and around a bicycle
pigeons and a bicycle
Conch shell erosion sculptures in courtyard of Somerset House London
frozen waves broken sublimes
female jumps and lets go of her kite on London's Blackheath SE3 (2009)
kite flying weekend on blackheath
two of London's famous landmarks, one modern the other historic
black and white
traditional London taxi cabs all together on a London bridge (2010)
cabbies waterloo?

scenic views of London - big Ben illuminated and secret lions den
lions den in london
two young riders on their horses on a sunny day in a London park
riding horses in the park
and the winner is... London 2012 supporter back in 2008
London Olympics hosting supporter
neon red London eye changing to platinum surrounded by colourful light beams (2008)
red eye at night londoners delight
adult asian elephant with its child in London at the elephant parade 2010
piggy back rides in London

guard of honour at Buckingham palace
royal guard duty
end of the road possibly for this London cabbie and these red buses
taxi and 3 buses
London rose garden near icon of big Ben - London 2010
pink in london
two couples relax near the top of Greenwich park London 2008
greenwich view
a couple stroll on a London bridge
loved up in london
outdoor riverside seating area with tables near Tower bridge
long table with people seated on Southwark bridge used as part of the Thames festival as paer
pumpkins and people
 Lorenzo Quinn's 'Would you catch me if I fall' on display in Park Lane near Dorchester Hotel
would you catch me if I...

view through an arch to the exterior of the Royal Academy London where Ai WeiWei is exhibiting
royal academy and ai wei wei
icon maintenance      
jet trails and big Ben in view from a central position on Westminster bridge
a London bridge view with big Ben
Thames barrier 2011 tired tourists in London's Greenwich and tall ship on the Thames
towers, tall ships and tourists
Megan Fox muse for a London pavement artist with nine portriats of her
transforming the pavement
  thames barrier on a sunny day    

girl at the centre of London with Nelson's column
nelson and his column
Blackfriars bridge looking south down the river Thames with Tate Modern...
a bridge view south
old style London bus on Tower bridge crossing south to end its journey in Piccadilly
number 22 bus on tower bridge
Anteros and people of all ages pack Piccadilly Circus
 piccadilly circus families
Southbank sculpture near the London eye and across the river fromm big Ben
sculpture and historic London building
rough edged male looks across the construction of the Tate Modern extension
constructed worker by the tate modern
St Paul's cathedral dome seen through Millennium bridge
a bridge for the year 2000
historic London parliament buildings House of Lords House of Commons parliament buildings in black and white
  London loving - a couple enjoy some affection near the London eye (2009)
image above used for Home page November 2015


 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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