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MAY 2016

     archive of London based photos for the month of May 2016. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - new Metropolitan Police officers uniforms trial based on the Star Wars stormtroopers look  (2016) Image No2 - Nova One and Nova two office buildings at Victoria with cleaners cleaning the windows (2016) Image No3 - Queen's Guards regiment (2016) Image No4 - National Gallery and water fountain (2009) Image No5 - Tower bridge and pipework railing detail (2009) Image No6 - group gets instruction on sailing boats  (2008) Image No7 - racing around the Palace (2016) Image No8 - anti Zionism march in central Londons (2007) Image No 9 - four horses of the apocalypse horse riders in a London park  (2016) Image No10 - Tower bridge gets touch of royal blue  (2012) Image No 11 - homeless guy losing the will to live?  (2016) Image No12 - HMS Illustrious in better times taking part in the FLY Navy 100 airshow and Canary Wharf skyscrapers (2009) Image No13 - black male cyclist sheds clothes to shave off vital seconds (circa 2007) Image No 14 - band play 'me so horny' tune in readiness for the Queen's trooping of the colour ceremony (2016) Image No15 - Big Ben and blur on a London bridge at night (circa 2009) Image No 16 - bus with passengers and Canary Whar office blocks including One Canada Water (circa 2014) Image No17 - Mods off to Brighton then grabbing a cup of Cocoa?  (2016) Image No18 - blue glass Gherkin shaped skyscraper popular with everyone and sculpture made with hundreds of metal cylinders, tubes, spheres and other metal objects (circa 2011) Image No19 - taking a leaf out of the White stripes, Ting-tings and other band duos is Tommy and Mary playing a live set in Oxford street (2016) Image No20 -  Millennium bridge and ghostly apparitions (2012) Image No21 - unususual pets taking their owner for a walk around central London (2007) Image No 22 - Ministry of silly walks convention on a walk in London (2016) Image No 23 - Pedalos on a London lake (2016) Image No24 - small business units waiting for business opportunties and council estate block now in the architecture cemetery in the sky (2014) Image No25 - London black taxi protest against TFL....and Uber  (2014) Image No 26 - Devo fan holds an elephant aloft in London (2016) Image No27 - two boys watch a magic football hover in the air (2007) Image No28 - foot tunnel entrance at Greenwich and skyscrapers in Canary Wharf (2014) Image No29 - taxi bicycle parked on Westminster bridge with the London eye in the background (2011) Image No 30 - avenue of trees in a London park (2016) Image No 31 - big Ben at sunset (2011) Image No32 - the London eye - two images, a half view at night resplendent in its array of colour (2009) Image No33 - water feature and London visitors soaking up the afternoon sun (2016)

images on display are from the years 2005-2016

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new uniforms for London's police in historic change of blue to virginal white
london's new stormtrooping cops

two window cleaners dangling from heights on Victoria's Nova offices
window cleaning in victoria
Queens guards royal cavalry strolling around london
left right left right.
the National Gallery and water fountain in Trafalgar Square at night
famous gallery
Tower bridge photo from 2009 viewed from south side Thames path area
pipes at tower bridge
East London dockland residential area with sailing boat instruction
sailing do's and dont's
two bikers and two maintenance guys near Buckingham palace London
ready to race around the track
Boycott Israel placard seen at a London anti-Zionism demonstration
we are all hizbullah
four younger riders ride horses around a London park in spring
and wild horses....
two tone Tower bridge at night in London 2012
tower makeover
loving life in London - Hans goes solo in the city as he has no cash or accommodation
sleeping rough
Helicopter lifts off from HMS Illustrious docked in Greenwcih May 2009
scrap metal in waiting
buck nakkid in London as hundreds take to their bikes for a naughty but nice ride around town
au natural rides
the hit parade froma marching band that could be taking part in the Trooping of the colour
'me so horny' rehearsal tune for trooping of the colour
photo taking after rain fall over London's landmark Big Ben
raindrops on the bridge
Canada Square towers and a red bus
docklands buildings and bus
undercover cop stops a couple of likely lads speeding along the pavement on their souped up scooters
reliving old and better times

two London towers, one a skyscraper inspired by a gherkin and the other an all metal affair
gleaming london towers

live band (Tommy and Mary) playing in Oxford street London
tommy and mary
Millennium bridge ona colourful ghostly night in London with dome view of St Pauls
millennium apparitions
two ferrets, pets being taken for a walk by their owner in central London
actors hoping to be the new John Steed of the Avengers fame
steeds with requisite bowler hats

friends and families take to the high seas... well the lake in Hyde park London to soak up the sun
lazing on a sunny afternoon
say hello to bijou business units wave goodbye to heygate estate
soft cell inspired titles
anti TFL and Uber cabbies protest in Whitehall London
feet up time
novel circus act of holding an elephant aloft in London - Dunamis
trunk and hand of steel or bronze

footie practice in London for two boys near the Thames barrier
the beautiful game
Greenwich foot tunnel and Canary Wharf skyscrapers lit by the sun
foot tunnel at greenwich
bicycle taxis queue for fares on a London bridge. The London eye sees all
taxi bikes on a bridge
two London park views taken in Spring - one colour and the other b&w
bawdy postcard type fun on a bike
big Ben and parliament seen from across the Thames
view to big ben
 London eye in ever changing hues and the County Hall building
2x london eye night image
  London fountain of youth at Marble Arch
image above used for Home page May 2016


 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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