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the suave and sophisticated charmer John Steed is no more. The character played so smoothly and understated by English gentleman actor Patrick MacNee ended with the series back in the 1980's. With a twinkle in his eye and rapier wit he with his beautiful and intelligent counterhalf would each week foil the evil deeds of a baddie or corrupt organisation. 'An even newer Avengers' is the latest series mooted to update the last which starred the high kicking plummy toned Purdey (Joanna Lumley) and the late Gareth Hunt partnering Steed. It is not known whether the new series will revisit the original formula of one girl one guy. In chronological order the first female to play opposite Steed was Honor Blackman (Cathy Gale was her character). Next was the goddess Diana Rigg, a beautiful English rose and Dame Diana's character was Emma Peel. Canadian actress Linda Thorson was Steed's next sidekick and she was replaced in the 1970's by the absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley (Purdey). Each of the bowler hatted auditionees seen below are hoping he will be picked as the new Steed but it's a mighty act to try to follow. But who will play the female lead? Failing getting the Steed role there's always the Ministry for silly walks!

actors hoping to be the new John Steed of the Avengers fame

This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of May 2016

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)