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MAY 2015 archive of London based photos for the month of May 2015. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - wet ground a night near Tower bridge which is in lifted position (2009) Image No2 -trapped by water menace on London's South bank (2008) Image No3 - birdman of Alcatraz Hyde Park attracts our feathered friends (2008) Image No4 - Ana Tzarev's peace flower sculpture located temporarily before travelling globally in Vauxhall gets Christened by passing dog (2015) Image No5 - art of (steel) construction in the former Olympic park in Stratford east London (2011) Image No6 - red Routemsater detail and the aquatics centre in Queen Elizabeth park  (2015) Image No7 - helicopter stunts and other aerial displays on show in Greenwich for the Roayl Navy Centenary (2009) Image No8 - posse of police acting as shepherds or gaolers with their less sheepish flock kettled for the evening in the great outdoors of Bank in the Square mile of London (2009) Image No9 - large shiny baubles that make up the tall tree and the eye sculpture from Anish Kapoor (2009) Image No 10 - duel-off in snowy Greenwich as two teams of highly trained sledgers compete against each other for the title of fastest downhill (2009) Image No11 - gull always on the lookout with its opportunistic temperament looking for fast food in Trafalgar Square (2008) Image No 12 - Imax makeover not so easy because of its circularliness (2015) Image No13 - Park Plaza hotel in the making not quite ready to take business or leisure clients (2008) Image No14 - pastel hued London eye at night in view from Westminster bridge with a jetty and County Hall also featuring (2014) Image No 15 - 'you lookin' at me II.' I get a little eyeballing treatment as I take a shot of this line of green jacketed helmet wearing police (2009) Image No16 - Queen Anne monument, its plinth lit by shadows in front of St Paul's cathedral  (2008) Image No 17 - horse skeleton the latest creation to be exhibited on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square (2015) Image No18 - Number One More Place roof detail (2008) Image No19 -a naked or 'baked' selfie as a cyclist with no clothes takes a picture of himself riding in Piccadilly. Not easy to do but I hope he got the correct exposure of his participation with many hundreds of others in the annual naked bike ride event (2008) Image No20 - pint sized snowman visits London and like all tourists has to see Tower bridge (2009) Image No21 - living the great outdoors life in London (2008) Image No22 - back to black....swans (2008) Image No23 - Geogian architecture and symmetrical shadows (2007) Image No 24 - punk, riots and mask of George Bush (20-09) Image No 25 - night river view from Tower bridge (2015) Image No26 - flouting the rules on underground no smoking ban (2009) Image No27 - demonic catch with architect of the daemons downfall Mr Paul Fryer (2008) Image No 28 - view from the top in Greenich park  (2008) Image No29 - the great hall of the National History Museum (2014) Image No30 - view from my window #14 with human angels (2014) Image No31 - Tower bridge and excellent mirror like reflection in night photo from east side of the bridge on the shore (2014) Image No 32 - how to overcome vertigo (2014) Image No 33 - frosty night in London in scenic view to big Ben via Westminster bridge (2009)


images on display are from the years 2008-2015

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Tower bridge in lifted position at night seen from the south side getting wet or trying to avoid it in London - free things to do birdman of London's Hyde Park with his many feathered friends World peace flower sculpture with erotic lip looking petals
Olympic park under construction London 2011 new rounder London Routemaster bus and Aquatics Centre helicopter flying in Greenwich with Canary Wharf backdrop Kettling at a London protest and it's no April Fool's joke
looking through big shiny balls in london race is on down the steep steep slopes of Greenwich park London white bird in Trafalgar square London London Imax cinema getting a summer makeover
Nicole Kidman in close encounter next to Park Plaza hotel London a mellow hued Southbank and London eye in night view from Westminster bridge U lookin' at me (part IV) London protests and police Queen Anne statue and St Paul's cathedral
VE-Day celebration London's Trafalgar Square May 2015 lines of London architecture male cyclist takes a selfie as he rides down Piccadilly without clothes (2008) little snowman visiting Tower bridge before fading away in the night
dead or alive in London - London's homeless rough sleepers 2 black swans gliding away from each other in LONDON symmetrical shadow cast on Georgian building in London people attending London's G20 protest in the city April fool's Day 2009
Tower bridge night view up the Thames taking in the Shard flouting the no smoking ban on London Underground Paul fryer lures Lucifer to his lair in London view from the top (Royal Greenwich park)
sunlit interior of the National history museum in Exhibition road view from my top floor flat window in Peckham with older lady laying in the road Tower bridge reflection at night east side London low tide three window cleaners hanging outside a London office block
  Big Ben Westminster bridge snow 2009 night photo
image above used for Home page May 2015

all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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