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MARCH 2016

     archive of London based photos for the month of March 2016. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - foggy London with big Ben & parliament and Westminster bridge (2007) Image No2 - boiler suit sculpture by Thomas Heatherwick and the Shard tower (2013) Image No3 - search for enlightenment sculptures by Simon Gudgeon (2015) Image No4 - girl on the Southbank (2008) Image No5 - kickstarter taxi bike service with nude riders (2007) Image No6 - MI5 did it, G20 protest placard referring to the 7th July bombings (2009) Image No7 - enigma (2009) Image No8 - three ladies on a bench (2009) Image No 9 - coloured roof panels (2014) Image No10 - couple on the Serpentine (2008) Image No 11 -graffiti on council flat balconies (2014) Image No12 - Konnie posing upside down on Millennium bridge  (2012) Image No13 - men in uniform and Tower bridge (circa 2010) Image No 14 - City Hall buiding (2014) Image No15 - tax dodgers last dodge (2009) Image No 16 - sexy car fun (circa 2006) Image No17 - ArcelorMittal Orbit by Anish Kapoor (2015) Image No18 - mod art and Broadgate office towers (2010) Image No19 - a London bridge at night with river reflection (2014) Image No20 -  robotic police force tested in London (circa 2010) Image No21 - selfie sphere  (2014) Image No 22 - 101 uses for dreadlocks (2007ish) Image No 23 - collision with a paint truck with fatal if colourful consequences (2012) Image No24 - boy transfixed (circa 2006) Image No25 - anti police logo on a denim jacket  (2009) Image No 26 - historic Greenwich buildings (2009) Image No27 - white swan walking with her brood (2015) Image No28 - two homeless people have an afternoon nap (2015) Image No29 - workers timeout (circa 2006) Image No 30 - Battersea power station (2014) Image No 31 - Rush of green or the Pan statue (2015) Image No32 - Tower bridge during the 2012 Olympics and people standing on London bridge (2012) Image No33 - cleaning the clocks of big Ben (2014)

images on display are from the years 2006-2016

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foggy London in black and white image from 2007
fog not smog in london

Boiler suit sculpture from Thomas Heatherwick and Shard skyscraper
deity and tallest skyscraper
Simon Gudgeon search for enlightenment in London
rage against the machine
girl in a pink hat
in the pink
bicycle taxi rider and his fares in central London
bicycle taxi
MI5 did it placard at the G20 protest in London
7th july 2005
female shadow has an alluring look in London
three women sit and watch the world of London go by from a wood bench by the river
dotty, doris and daphne take in the view
color me badd in London
colour palette for roof panels
room for two in this small boat on London's Serpentine lake
sightseeing via water
public art and death sentences in London (Heygate estate SE17)
the end is nigh
Condor 653 cycle ridden fast occasionally by smelly mike
konnie resting on the bridge
men in uniform by the Tower of London with Tower bridge backdrop
helping visitors
City Hall reflected in nearby building at Potters Fields
double visions

inevitable consequence of non payment of tax in England
pay your tax on time
bondage fun in London with some self styled auto-erotica
bondage in broad daylight
London's Orbit spinning rapidly into a whole lotta debt
orbit's spiralling losses

London modern art with blue angel and alien with Broadgate buildings
angel in blue period

London bridges and their reflections on the Thames at night
illuminated river
reducing London police officers by replacing with robots with firearms
police replacements
vain and ugly, how can this be? It's me taking a selfie
i, a tool and my tool is a nikon
thick scarf made from natural material in London
man made scarf

London car crash victim waits for help from the understaffed over utilised Ambulance service
slim chance for this guy of surviving a horrific crash
boy staring at large and distressing image of starving people in Africa
G20 agitator gets close to cops with riot shields (2009)
moving in for a shot
maritime Greenwich London - symmetry in architecture
historic london

swanning around London with acolytes
swan and her sigeons
a couple not enjoying the sights of London - living rough
streets not paved with gold
workers tea and coffee break in London
workers break
Battersea Power station seen from Battersea bridge
4 chimney london icon
Rush of green rushing to the green of London's Hyde Park
family day out and pipes of peace
 London bridges, the 2012 Olympics and people gathering
bridge gathering
  Big Ben in the process of being cleaned in August 2014
image above used for Home page March 2016


 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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