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MI5 DID IT (2009)
one of many conspiracy theories from people who are not totally convinced of the given accounts from the government and media. This counter view is about London's 7-7 bombings (7th July 2005) where 52 people were killed in explosions on Underground trains and a London bus. The placard held up by a survivor from that day was seen at the G20 demo in London's Square Mile area. Horrific to believe historically appalling incidents known as 'false flag terror' have been deliberately manufactured where innocent people are killed to serve the agenda of the government of the day. Such historical horrors can be read here One of the most well known and more recent conspiracy theories concerns the Twin Towers or 9/11 devastation and it is easy to understand why conspiracy theories abound when one considers the third tower

MI5 did it placard at the G20 protest in London

This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of MARCH 2016

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)