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JUNE 2016

     archive of London based photos for the month of June 2016. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - pedestrian take over of Westminster bridge (2012) Image No2 - a sightseeing bus heading east over Tower Bridge (2009) Image No3 - lions guarding London landmarks of Westminster abbey and Big Ben (circa 2010) Image No4 - Old royal naval college in Greenwich the venue for a weekend music event  (2008) Image No5 - Japanese schoolgirl trials new growth hormone in London (2006) Image No6 - bling of blazers as pearly King attends the Lord Mayor's parade  (2007) Image No7 - Tower bridge and close up of suspension detail (2010) Image No8 - Piccadilly Circus sans crowds of tourists (2009) Image No 9 - Brutalist architecture of the National Theatre of Great Britain  (2004) Image No10 - three visitors on the steps to St Paul's cathedral (2008) Image No 11 - boxing training outdoors in a park (2016) Image No12 - dancing almost as beneficial as a cup of tea (circa 2010) Image No13 - Victorian laampposts no longer running on gas and Parliament buildings (circa 2009) Image No 14 - Salvador dali exhibition signposted with a melting clock sculpture by the London eye (2009) Image No15 - coming down hard on non-taxpayers not in the one percent (circa 2009) Image No 16 - white painted apartments in London (2016) Image No17 - grass lovers by Tate Modern building and view to St Paul's cathedral (2010) Image No18 - four guys and Nelson (2009) Image No19 - traditional taxis navigate the roundabout at Trafalgar square (2014) Image No20 -  deity watching over his lost flock (2006) Image No21 - Sir Winston Churchill taking a laboured walk around Parliament Square at 7.15pm if Big Ben's time is correct (2010) Image No 22 - dappled light upon the parliament building (2010) Image No 23 - summer flowers in bloom in a London park (2016) Image No24 - 'Brothers' sculpture by David Breuer-Weil (2016) Image No25 - a raised Tower bridge at night (2005) Image No 26 - column at a New Zealand war memorial in Piccadilly (2009) Image No27 - exclusive access to the dressing room backstage of beautiful showgirls (2010) Image No28 - parliament under an orange sky (2006) Image No29 - new pole dancing craze going down a storm in london for girls and boys (circa 2008) Image No 30 - golden hued girls attend Carnaval del Pueblo (2007) Image No 31 - Alison Lapper and Admiral Nelson in Trafalgar Square (2007) Image No32 - Big Ben preparing to be hoisted up and into the river Thames (2009) Image No33 -  (2016)

images on display are from the years 2004-2016

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Westminster bridge closed to traffic
westminster bridge takeover

tourist open top deck bus on Tower bridge - black and white London
bus on the bridge

maned defenders of westminster abbey im image featuring a sunlit Big Ben

a pride of lions in london
old royal naval college prepares for a music event
roofers up near the skeletal roof

school girl visiting London from Japan using illegal growth hormone treatment
growth hormones danger
Pearly King meets and greets in London (2007)
pearly king with his suit of bling
tower bridge and suspension
supporting acts
looking towards shaftesbury avenue from Piccadilly Circus
one view from piccadilly
Royal National Theatre London exterior view of the Brutalist architecture
brutal buildings
the steps and (Doric) columns of St Paul's cathedral on Ludgate Hill
three visitors near st pauls
boxing practice away from the sweaty confines of a gym
work out away from a sweaty gym
young in spirit couple dance holding hands in London
dancing in the moon daylight
London's Victorian no longer gas driven lamplights and Houses of Parliament
victorian lights
melting clock in the style of Salvador Dali's art and the London eye (2009)
dali-esque london
the only certainty in life is death and taxes
visual warnings
pretty water scene with fountains in central London
oasis without the bad vibe
London visitors and workforce sit or lay on grass near the Tate Modern building
inviting grass
four guys sitting under Nelson on his column
4 guys and nelson

a bevy of black cabs in central London and one yellow cab
taxi takeover
Gods and mortals in London
god watching over
Winston Churchill walking in central London using a walking stick
winston's walk
sunlit Parliament building and three illuminated Victorian lamps
lighting up

cultivated beauty in london england
life energiser
'brothers' sculpure being installed at Marble Arch created by David Breuer-Weil
Tower bridge at night in lifted position
tower raised
'Southern Stand' a war memorial dedicated to New Zealanders fighting in the two world wars
southern stand

showgirls in their dressing room in London
beauty and the beast ii
orangey skies above London's parliament
the sun sets over parliament
Pokemon Go move on there's a new less dangerous trend going viral
pole dancing going viral
girls in golden costumes form part of a colourful procession called the Carnaval del Pueblo
a nude and pregnant Alison Lapper in Trafalgar Square 2007
nelson's muse
Big Ben removed from its foundations for a traditional clean being dunked in the Thames 
bathtime for ben
  dine on a chewy bug? Perfect with a chilled glass of wine (London quirky image)
image above used for Home page June 2016


 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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