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rode to Hyde park mainly to lay down and shut my eyes and hopefully get some sleep, something I'm deliberately deprived of at home, but I brought my camera should there be anything interesting to capture. A helicopter circled above and surprisingly began to descend. One previous visit to the park and the same occurred, the pilot that time remaining in the park for at least half an hour and didn't appear to be responding to a call. Maybe it was a call of nature :) This time however it was I believe to possibly airlift a casualty to Hospital as an ambulance was close by. Within a minute or so the helicopter was on its way so I grabbed a few pics as it took off. Walking towards the scene I spotted a white sheet in the grass with empty cans of beer and some M&S bites, or the empty boxes on it. Drawing closer I also saw this bug. Can't say I'm a fan of bugs but this one looked unusual though it might be a cricket or grasshopper. It stayed put (thankfully) as I stealthily moved in for a few pics though did twitch when I moved some of the grassy bits that were obscuring my view to it. Initially I just took a few pics of the bug itself but reading the words on whatever the contents were of the item close to the bug made an irresistable image reminding me immediately of an IACGMOOH jungle trial.

dine on a chewy bug? Perfect with a chilled glass of wine (London quirky image)

This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of June 2016

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)