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JUNE 2015 archive of London based photos for the month of June 2015. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - taxis takeover on Westminster bridge with view of big Ben. Image taken from the centre of the busy bridge road populated only by London taxis and a few buses (2014) Image No2 - Heygate estate before its obliteration (2014) Image No3 - boy trying to catch a butterfly  (2005) Image No4 - Park Plaza hotel and railway bridge lit by the sun  (2013) Image No5 - commercial premises window cleaner with red bucket hanging from his waist as he dangles from the top of this building with unusual shaped windows (2010) Image No6 - Tower bridge and reflection at low tide with night blue cloudless sky (2008) Image No7 -pair of Siamese cats seen in a punlic sculpture within the courtyard near the Royal Academy (2014) Image No8 - relaxing on a London Underground sign (2009) Image No9 - Interplanetary spacecraft examines the MI6 building from across the river Thames (2014) Image No 10 - smiling Sikh gentleman at the London marathon (2013) Image No11 - Impressionistic reflections on a park lake in London (2014) Image No 12 - showgirl and show elephant enjoy a day of sunshine in the Hospital grounds of Chelsea (2011) Image No13 - memorial in St James's park/Piccadilly dedicated to RAF bomber command  (2015) Image No14 - kite caricatures enjoy flying over Blackheath in free weekend event (2008) Image No 15 - London swingers get high and happy nera the London eye and Big Ben in the afternoon (2010) Image No16 - brave cleaners possibly earning a little more than minimum wage apply themselves to the careful task of cleaning the four clock faces of big Ben. The iconic clock shows the time as noon but the hands have been deliberately stopped at this time to make the task easier for the abseiling cleaners (2014) Image No 17 - London marathon runner stops for a 'breather' and there's a long way to go before the finish line in central London (2014) Image No18 - snow covered steps on Westminster bridge in this night photo looking over the bridge to big Ben (2009) Image No19 - a special Christmas kiss on a canal boat (2014) Image No20 - nude males and females, some headless (2012) Image No21 - Greenwich view to Canary Wharf skyscrapers (2013) Image No22 - City Hall rooftop view down the snaking river Thames taking in views of Tower bridge and Canary wharf docklands development (2014) Image No23 - boy reaches to touch the water near the Naum Gabo fountain (2010) Image No 24 - riot cops look forward to an afternoon cup of tea via some kettling (2009) Image No 25 - purple London eye at night and colourful reflections in a puddle near the Royal Festival hall (2013) Image No26 - outdoor deity of conception and curvy women near London bridge (2013) Image No 27 - homeless man sits on the pavement and drinks a coffee. His worldly goods in plastic carrier bags tied to his bicycle beside him  (2014) Image No28 - young boy beside a small designer Routemaster bus which stands next to a full size fully functioning road going version in Stratford's Queen Elizabeth park (2014) Image No29 -anti knives demonstration in south east London (2006) Image No30 - girl smoking a cigarette at the G20 protest London (2009) Image No 31 - winged lion seeking prey from an advantageous lookout on an east London bridge (2015) Image No 32 - Thames barrier and shiny steel postsarranged photogenically (2014) Image No33 - treeman pointing towards a new London building off Tottenham Court Road (2015)


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Taxi drivers protest in central London seen here on Westminster bridge after the Demo Heygate estate on the New kent Road side gets some street art modification boy finds a butterfly more interesting than his ball - London parks hotel located within a busy London roundabout - Park Plaza
taxi takeover borrowed time butterfly chaser park plaza
London commercial buildings window cleaner with his red bucket hanging from ropes secured to the roof
window cleaner
low tide London in this Tower bridge image and reflection on the Thames
tower bridge at night
moggy visions in London - Royal academy Piccadilly
siamese cats
kettling tactics used at the G20 demo in London April 2009
time out
Interplanetray craft visits London making a beeline for MI6 headquarters Vauxhall
mi6 and alien ship
age UK sponsoring from this full of life guy running the London marathon Impressions of a London lake - photo with impressionistic style 
impressions of london

golden girls
  marathon runner relaxes    
RAF Bomber command memorial in Green Park central London
bomber command memorial
Pocohontas and some lucky black cats fly in formation over Blackheath
high as a kite
swinging pairs in London reach new heights by London icons
iconic rotations and swinging london
London's Big Ben or its clock face is cleaned by four men dangling precariously from ropes
      cleaning big ben
male runner with vision impairment running in the London marathon Westminster bridge snowy steps t night with big Ben 2009
scenic snowy london
dog love on a London canal boat (2014)
kissing at christmas
unclothed Mannequinns pose for passers by in london
naked and still in london
exhausted runner      
royal Greenwich banner flag and Canary Wharf skyscrapers with foot tunnel dome
canary wharf and greenwich
Tower bridge a focal point from one of the Shard skyscrapers viewing platforms
aerial london view with tower bridge
boy and the Naum Gabo fountain on a sunny day in London It's a riot. London protest in the Square Mile April Fools Day 2009
a riot of policemen and women
    fountain boy  
London eye at night and reflection in a rain puddle of the icon and Royal festival hall building
london eye and purple haze
view of The Boiler Suit and London's Shard at London bridge homeless man in London with his possessions carried around on his bicycle
designer London mini Routemaster buses in Stratford's Queen Elizabeth park
boy sized bus
  deities in london    
March against Knife crime in london - Lewisham Way marchers 2004 this lady's NOT for turning - smoking girl at the G20 protest London 2009
smokin' girl
lion prepares to take off to look for prey in London
leo the winged lion
London flood defence systems and engineering marvels
thames barrier in defence mode
anti knife protest      
  tree man admiring a new London building  hit and lit by the sun
image above used for Home page June 2015

all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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