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Wills and Kate had considered my idea to 'twin up' and have both their marriage and my and my intendeds together in 'wabbey' as Wills likes to call this venerable old building. Alas at the last minute I had to cancel when my betrothed bailed out on learning about the States involvement in my Organised Stalking though she was clear and adamant the royal couple had absolutely no idea such sinister programmes were taking place in the best country on earth.....Blighty and they would now do all they could to ensure such illegal unlawful programmes would never feature in Britain again. I'm happy now I and others in the UK will no longer be daily harassed, surveiled, followed and psychologically attacked ad infinitum by rogue sanctioned off-shoots of the Police and Secret Services as I know Will and kate's word is their bond. The above was yet another clumsy tongue in cheek possibly treasonous head lopping attempt to alert the masses (no doubt unsuccessfully) to the reality that is organised stalking

westminster abbey front view sunny cloudless day 2009

This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of July 2016

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)