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I do like to see something that departs from the usual steel and glass office buildings that dominate London now even if that departure is in the form of a little bit of extra colour as seen in my pic of the building below. Shortly before taking this photo I was supernaturally accosted by a female voice on the ether. I was taking photos close to this building when the aural attack began. I tried to walk towards where this scary voice emanated and the gist of what it was saying was this was a private area and I was not allowed to take photos ;) Not the first time I or other snappers have heard this and won't be the last. I suppose it makes sense in sensitive areas or London sites that might be considered a potential target for a terrorist attack but a f*****g office building!!!!

London office building with hundreds of external vertical slats in different colours

This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of July 2016

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)