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JULY 2016

     archive of London based photos for the month of July 2016. From left to right top row down: Image No1 - homeless man and Tower bridge (2016) Image No2 - Crick Institute showing a special building block (2016) Image No3 - Gryphons and dragons and new builds in London (2016) Image No4 - The Shard and nearby office buildings (2016) Image No5 - external vertical slats detail of different colours on new London office building (2016) Image No6 - part view of the column of London's Monument icon with historic heritage (2016) Image No7 - permanent gift from London received t the G20 protest in London (2009) Image No8 - not Venus as a boy but curvy woman (2007) Image No 9 - Seabourn's newest ship the 'Sojourn' debuts in London and passes historic part of Greenwich for its maiden voyage  (2010) Image No10 - large snake on the prowl in south east London may be blitzed to pieces like the Heygate estate where it slithers around eating babies and other smaller mammals (2013) Image No 11 - lions heads used as mooring points for London boats (2007) Image No12 - beautiful angels are broken and mournful after visiting our world of ugliness (2006) Image No13 - the Thames tide is out so visitors can enjoy a trample on the shores pebbles (2013) Image No 14 - shiny mirror finish balls form a tall sculpture that attracts many views close to the Royal Acaemy of Arts (2009) Image No15 - new life forms on marine artifacts left to face the hrasher elements from Mother nature in London (2009) Image No 16 - legs in tights, a fetishist delight (2010) Image No17 - London traditional black taxi cab gets a patriotic makeover for the 2010 football world cup where England failed once more to make an impact and capture the glory of 1966  (2010) Image No18 - shoplifters wil be stabbed and beaten.... (2008) Image No19 - a sign left in London from an earlier time in civilisation when aliens made a visit?  (2010) Image No20 -  runner wearing the latest in aerodynamic running gear and nearly spilling out of it seen at the London marathon (2008) Image No21 - Westminster's Abbey of old (2009) Image No 22 - river Thames scene at night (2009) Image No 23 - Queen Anne statue and St Paul's cathedral Ludgate Hill (2009) Image No24 - two Rolls Royce cars - one, the Lord mayor uses when nipping out to his local Aldi store and hsitoric Guildhall (2009) Image No25 - south of the river view of Millennium bridge (2009) Image No 26 - London police pair up in London's Olympic year (2012) Image No27 - Buckingham palace at night with some royal diehards (2011) Image No28 - St Paul's seen through a puddle (2009) Image No29 - lilac London and Big Ben (2012) Image No 30 - hot girl at a carnival in London (2007) Image No 31 - Dixie Queen ship in Grrenwich (2015) Image No32 - hotel guests in expensive part of London depart with a little help from the Hotel porter and doorman and a London taxi (2016) Image No33 - girl laying on the pavement grabs the wrist of a city of London cop (2016)

images on display are from the years 2004-2016

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older homeless man sits on london bridge begging for money from passers by who generally ignore him
the shunned, marginalised & iconic

the very stylish Francis Crisk Institute in London
building block that is the crick institute

dragons flying near a London bridge as new office buildings are built along Farringdon road

changes around London
fAce in the clouds over the Shard of glass skyscraper at London bridge

London office building with hundreds of external vertical slats in different colours
london in full colour

the column of London's Monument icon designed by Christopher Wren

firestarter - the proof is in the pudding
guy hit by a truncheon or riot shield perhaps at the g20 protest in London
going away presents
Botticellis birth of Venus painting as seen by a London pavement artist
great pavement art
maiden voyage from Greenwich of the Seabourn Sojourn cruise ship (2010)
1st voyage
British snake native of London makes its scry presence known to dwellers of this council estate
native of london
male lion heads with heavy metal ring inserted in their mouths tethered for all all time by the Thames
there have been many cecil the lion kills
fallen angels in London
broken dirty angels
playing on the shore of the Thames and view to London skyscrapers and St Paul's
getting closer to the river
tall tree and the eye at the Royal academy of arts in Piccadilly 2009
mirror balls in london
unused ship anchors photo from London's river Thames shore at low tide
new life for retired anchors
Oxford street window display of girls showing off their wellies in red, pink, fuschia and black
leggy displays in london
traditional black cab viewed from the front in patriotic livery
delusions in london
Notting Hill shop selling various tourist merchandise
don't shoplift here!
alien cryptography in London and searching for treasure at low tide
alien gifts
how to wear a mankini - London pro runners
professional runner
westminster abbey front view sunny cloudless day 2009
place where wills n kate tied the knot
4am river Thames photo with illuminated blue lit trees
illuminated trees

Queen Mary statue and St Pauls cathedral in London
anne, anne, anne an..d st pauls
two Rolls Royce cars in courtyard of Guildhall London
luxury car enthusiasts guildhall
Millennium bridge south side and view to St Paul's cathedral
all metal bridge in london
3 pairs of cops not entering a civil partnership but on duty during the 2012 Olympics in London
olympian police presence

Buckingham palace image at night with visitors eager to see the Queen peeping from behind the royal curtains
the most famous royal residence?
St Pauls cathedral seen through a rain puddle
puddle image of st pauls cathedral
democracy village settle down in parliament square London
lilacs in london
carnival girl wearing lots of colout at London's Carnaval del Pueblo - a Latin Americal festival
latin america in london
Dixie Queen paddle steam boat in London passing Old royal naval college SE10
dixie queen of london in greenwich
 absolutely fabulous darling - playground for the rich and ultra richie rich
servicing the rich
  girl possibly worse for wear gets some help from two London cops
image above used for Home page July 2016


 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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