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there were a number of light displays around central London, on bridges, landmarks and as seen in my image below Tower bridge didn't escape a colourful makeover either. All coincided with London's hosting of the 2012 Olympics and also Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee year. This was not Tower Bridge's only colour change but one I did manage to capture and grateful for it. On the last night of the very successful British Olympics I heard on the local London news about a firework display shortly to take place from the bridge and quick as I could gathered my camera and two lenses and cycled furiously to get to the Tower in time for the display. I can ride fast - particularly if I've had double baked beans on toast - but that evening there would be no turbo boost from the beans and as I drew nearer to the bridge could not believe they had started the display without me!! I arrived at a suitable position to get some nice shots and set up my camera and tripod, the tripod I deemed necessary as my Nikon D40 would not have given me the images I'd wished if hand held and as soon as I was ready to get some stunning photos the display stopped abruptly. I collapsed in an undignified heap on the ground bawling my eyes out for the rest of the evening and stayed in a foetal position into the next morning knowing it was unlikely such a spectacle would return

Tower bridge twin towers, one in purple and the other Royal blue (2012)

This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of JULY 2015

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)