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     archive of London based photos for the month of January 2016. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - boy makes a new friend (2010) Image No2 - student accommodation in London (2015) Image No3 - classic car and classic icon (2009) Image No4 - chapel of st peter & st paul (2010) Image No5 - ugly duckling awards (2009) Image No6 - sunflower people (2008) Image No7 - tower bridge in colour changing mode (2012) Image No8 - warped piccadilly reflections (2015) Image No 9 - fighting the good fight (2008) Image No10 - victoria(n) architecture (2010) Image No 11 - human traffic on a bridge (2007) Image No12 - visitors and big ben (20009) Image No13 - millennium bridge ground level (2011) Image No 14 - dressing up for a night out (2009) Image No15 - o2 greenwich and crusie ship (2010) Image No 16 - genghis khan and steed visiting london (2012) Image No17 - quaker women and the missing 'u' (2008) Image No18 - architecture on its back (2009) Image No19 - triffids on the rampage in london (2009) Image No20 -  mens haute couture show near buckingham palace Academy (2009) Image No21 - open plan living for london's poor (2006) Image No 22 - feeding time for Pelicans  (2015) Image No 23 - London commuters off to work on dress-down Friday (2014) Image No24 - another ugly London building award winner (2014) Image No25 - visitors and Londoners en-masse (2011) Image No 26 - watery hell (2014) Image No27 - night view across the river to big Ben (2010) Image No28 - blonde babe on a bike (2008) Image No29 - " were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off..." (2010) Image No 30 - across the Thames view to Canary Wharf towers  (2008) Image No 31 - Tower of London and visitors (2009) Image No32 - Thank you UK and two Asian visitors to London (2012) Image No33 - The Kiss (2015)

images on display are from the years 2007-2016

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boy playing with  elephant cross-species (part Panda part elephant) in London
pelephant and friends
WBSA - new student accommodation in London at 199 Westminster bridge road
wbsa 199 westminter bridge rd
an old classic open top car driving across Tower bridge in London
classy car on tower bridge
interior of the Chapel in the Old Royal naval College Greenwich
neoclassicism in greenwich
the highly regarded carbuncle cup winner based in Woolwich south east London
and the award goes to....

a boy says hello to sextuplets in London
Tower bridge in coloured hues during Olympic year of 2012
iconic bridge twice
mirror reflections off a work by Frank Stella titled Inflatable Star on show at the RAA (Royal Academy of Arts)
warped images
girl at a winters protest in London with placard she possibly doesn't understand
don't wanna b here
Portland Place skyscraper in Victoria and sculptural welcome to the shopping area of Cardinal Place SW1
portland house sw1
a sit-in on a London bridge with plenty of pumpkins to stave off hunger
a sit-in in style on a london bridge
big Ben, tourists and Boudica's horses (2009)
ben and boudica's steeds
London's Millennium bridge in image taken at floor level in 2011
square counting on millennium bridge
a little bit of Rio carnival comes to London
london's rio
Seabourn Sojourn departing London via the o2 arena
cruising around london
Genghis Khan back on his steed riding and terrorising London
peace negotiator.....dead quiet
two Quaker women in Trafalgar Square hope to change peoples lives
earth's quakers

London architecture flipped once and in black and white
flipped london buildings

National gallery in Trafalgar Square and alien species of Triffid awaken from dormancy
triffids terrorise tourists in trafalgar
performers hoping to attract an audience to their London gigs
garnering publicity
accommodation for the working poor generously provided by London's rich
colourful apartments for london's poor
working the crowd are a flap of penguins gulping down some free food in a London park
afternoon feed

group of male commuters prepare to cycle to work using Boris bicycles
 boris bike gang off to
St George Wharf development at Vauxhall London
riverside living
a busy day in London
road trial for pedestrians and traffic
lake reflections with visions of hell in London (2014)
watery grave
night image from the Thames path taking in the view of big Ben and Westminster bridge
thames path & big ben at night
almost nude blonds babe riding au natural around London in the summer sun
babes on bikes
Big Ben and disgarded Chubb safe in London's Parliament Square
unsafe chubb
views that are no more in London
london views that have ceased to be
Tower of London exterior, history information and visitors
bloody tower visitors
two pretty Asian girls point to a Thank You UK hoarding in London
a thank you
  aliens kiss in London - inflatable star sculpture by Frank Stella
image above used for Home page January 2016

 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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