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     archive of London based photos for the month of February 2016. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - guy riding a low rider (2008) Image No2 - Lumiere does Westminster abbey (2016) Image No3 - mobile peoples coffee break (2008) Image No4 - Birth place of Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Mary I (2009) Image No5 - Democracy village encampment in Parliament Square (2010) Image No6 - Father and Son on a Harley (2009) Image No7 - Renzo Piano's high note pitched at London bridge (2013) Image No8 - Moorhouse city building with blue curved glass (2009) Image No 9 - Vistamar Ocean liner passes through Tower bridge (2009) Image No10 - dreamy throughtful girl (2008) Image No 11 -St Paul's cathedral (2008) Image No12 - speeding dinghy offers a thrill ride on the Thames for London sightseers (2009) Image No13 - girl climbing up a lamppost opposite parliament (2009) Image No 14 - historic Guildhall (2009) Image No15 - jelly baby family visit London (2009) Image No 16 - London eye currently sponsored by EDF energy (2012) Image No17 - London eye (2012) Image No18 - Gherkin lookalike in the guise of a London skyscraper (2009) Image No19 - water based fun in a Pedalo on London's Serpentine (2009) Image No20 -  mural of a couple exploring each other (2015) Image No21 - Laban dance centre in south east London with moving horizontal light  (2008) Image No 22 - London's Millennium bridge and its shadow on the river Thames (2009) Image No 23 - Policeman's disco outside St Paul's cathedral (2011) Image No24 - winged wildlife watching the world go by (2008) Image No25 - Heygate estate is now Elephant park (2011) Image No 26 - lesser spotted London white brick construction (2011) Image No27 - elephants in fancy dress (2010) Image No28 - visitors to Trafalgar Square in black and white (2009) Image No29 - tall tree and the eye by Anish Kapoor  (2009) Image No 30 - Albert memorial in Kensington gardens (2015) Image No 31 - big Ben at sunset (2009) Image No32 - aerial London view seen from the tallest skyscraper in Europe...the Shard (2014) Image No33 - taxi protest (2014)

images on display are from the years 2007-2016

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low rider bike and rider stopped at a London traffic light
low rider
Westminster abbey Lumiere light show 4
lumiere at the abbey
group of five sitters pose for me outside a London coffee house
coffee time
historic part of Greenwich birthplace of King Henry VIII and his two daughters
birth of a king
placard message on the grass of 'Democracy village' in London's Parliament Square
london quotes
Harley Davidson ridden around central London
boss hog and son
Shard tower and its reflection in London architecture image from 2013
reflected glass of shard
'old fashioned' dancing up close and personal at the Thames festival London
cheek to cheek
Vistamar cruise ship passing under Tower bridge
vistamar passes under tower bridge
pretty blonde girl in London
St Pauls cathedral London image from 2008 with star like lighting
st pauls cathedral and evening lighting
jelly babies family enjoy a hot and sticky trip in London
colourful sightseeing family
climbing London's street furniture near big Ben icon
lamppost shimmy
historic Guildhall in the city of London - a B&B for the monied, the good and the great and maybe some bad apples
medieval london
london sightseeing via the River Thames with Tower bridge behind these water skimming  tourists
fast tours
Park Plaza hotel and London eye a stones throw...if you're Hercules
park plaza and london eye
London eye and supports in black and white london image from 2012
london eye b&w

the blue glass Gherkin tower at 30 St Mary Axe
rare blue gherkin

family use a pedalo to get around the Serpentine lake on balmy sunny afternoon in London
the great outdoors
mural of a naked man and woman showing affection to each other
nude outdoors
moving UFO and laban Dance centre in London (2008)
laban dance centre and u.f.o.
Millennium bridge and the river Thames with St paul's cathedral dome in the background
bridge shadow

disco day and night outside London's St Pauls cathedral
disco dance preparations at st pauls
birds make use of wood posts embedded in this London lake
hydrophobic birds
Heygate estate - now you see it now you don't
temporary stay of execution
white brick building in London
rare sights in london...white bricks

boxing elephant at the elephant parade in London 2008
boxer in the heavyweight division
sunlight on one of Trafalgar Squares fountains
sunlit fountain in centre of london
reflective spheres form the tall tree and the eye sculpture on display in London
tall tree and the eye
Kensington Garden's Albert memorial - Victorian extravagance and art
albert memorial kensington gardens
river view to big Ben at sunset (2009)
river view to big ben
 view from the Shard tower looking down at London
view from the shard
  London black cabs image 2014 cabbies protest
image above used for Home page February 2016

 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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