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DECEMBER 2015 - snow & Christmassy London photos

     archive of London based photos for the month of December 2015. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - snowman visits Tower bridge (2009) Image No2 - frosty view at night to big Ben via Westminster bridge (2009) Image No3 - Kris Kringle takes a London underground train with his presents deliveries (2009) Image No4 - heavy (for London) settling of snow on a London bridge's steps in attractive night image of big Ben (2009) Image No5 - top of the park snow view in Greenwich (2009) Image No6 - a kiss for good friends at Christmas (2014) Image No7 - Selfridges flagship store in Oxford street at Christmas (2014) Image No8 - Peregrine colony near a snowman sightsees London when snowing posing next to the Naum Gabo fountain (2013) Image No 9 - London eye and blue lit avenue (2012)Image No10 - St Paul's cathedral and snow (2009) Image No 11 - snowscape around Buckingham palace (2010) Image No12 - red Bentley luxury car and Cartier store  (2013) Image No13 - two Christmas trees outside Dorchester hotel (2010) Image No 14 - blaxk taxi on a London bridge as sleet falls (2013) Image No15 - lonely bear at a Christmas fayre (2014) Image No 16 - Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and National gallery (2009) Image No17 - snow scene from Greenwich park as family take a dog and sledge for a walk and slide (2008) Image No18 - snow capped big Ben (2013) Image No19 - Orbit attraction not attracting enough visitors (2014) Image No20 - a couple walk the snow covered path near the Imperial war museum (2010) Image No21 - wrought iron gates leading to Victoria gardens (2010) Image No 22 - large homeless man comouflaged amongst his possessions  (2012) Image No 23 - London eye in reflective and colourful mood (2013) Image No24 - snow lodged in nooks and cranny's of Mary Magdalene....'s statue near St Paul's cathedral (2010) Image No25 - Tower bridge and green tinged snow where my Condor bike poses serenely (2009) Image No 26 - unkind act as gull attacks a man feeding it and its kind (2011) Image No27 - Hospital garden snowy view to big Ben (2013) Image No28 - four Husky dogs pull their owner along Tower bridge  (2014) Image No29 - virgin snow and view to parliament and big Ben (2010) Image No 30 - large stag imitated by two visitors in Covent Garden (2014) Image No 31 - downhill race duel in Greenwich park covered in snow (2009) Image No32 - red hued fountains in Trafalgar Square (2010) Image No33 - female jogger in a snowy London park (2009).....

images on display are from the years 2008-2015

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little snowman visiting Tower bridge before fading away in the night
snowman at tower bridge
Big Ben Westminster bridge snow 2009 night photo
night view to big ben from a london bridge
Santa Claus on a London underground train festively decorated
santa on the underground train
Westminster bridge steps covered in snow in night view to big Ben
snowy steps on westminster bridge with nice view to big ben
Greenwich park snow and view across London (east) from 2009
snowy greenwich
dog love on a London canal boat (2014)
a christmas kiss
Selfridges main entrance Christmas display inviting visitors from around the world
a christmas welcome from selfridges
big Ben, a snowman and rotaing Naum Gabo fountain sprinkling iced water
snowman visiting london in 2013
blue lit trees and the London eye at Christmas
london eye with red ants andblue lit trees
St Paul's Cathedral with snow in February 2009 image from London
snowy st paul's cathedral

ITV This Morning Christmas tree without children singing Christmas hymns (2015)
this morning programme christmas tree
Cartier emporium at Christmas in London with red Bentley parked outside
cartier store decked in red as is a nearby bentley luxury car
Dorchester hotel Park lane London at Christmas 2010
dorchester hotel external christmas decorations
festive London eye at night seen from Westminster bridge
 a dazzling london eye at night
white carnival bear with a winning smile but sad eyes asks me to help him
take me home for christmas
Christmassy scene from Trafalgar Square with lit Christmas tree and some snow
a christmas tree and festive scene
Trafalgar Square at Christmas seen from the top of London's new Routemaster bus dusting of snow above big Ben's clock faces
ben central
London's Olympic park at Christmas with the Orbit and Aquatics centre
orbiting london at christmas
Imperial war museum London with couple walking hand in hand down snowy path
hand in hand and brother's in arms
 bus debut in trafalgar square   hanging gardens  

 snow in London's Vicctoria gardens
victoria gardens through the gates
homeless and freezing in London (2012)
man and his outdoor home
London eye at night and reflection in a rain puddle of the icon and Royal festival hall building
reflections and the london eye at night
3St Pauls cathedral and another religious icon with snow
religious icons in london
Tower bridge and snow at night with my Condor road bike posing in front of the landmark
my cold condor bike and tower bridge
gull attack in London 2011 by the Serpentine lake in Hyde park
don't bite the hand...

snow garden at St Thomas's Hospital and good across the river view to landmark big Ben
snowy view to big ben
four Husky dogs drag their owner around parts of London and no snow in sight
are their voices husky?

orange hued fountain and tall newly installed Norway donation - a Christmas tree for London
the official sign that christmas has begun
reindeer impressions from two London visitors in Covent garden (2014) race is on down the steep steep slopes of Greenwich park London
downhill race
World Communismm day celebrated symbollically in Trafalgar Square London
  reindeer impressions   red mist at night

snow in Greenwich park and female jogger
jogging through the park
green hued London eye at night with light beams from the passenger capsules
london eye x3
a London bridge with Coat of Arms and snowy big Ben scene with a few visitors
coat of arms, snowfall and big ben
London taxi bicycles wait for passengers near the Piazza in Covent garden (2014)
christmas in covent garden

Carnaby street at Christmas with festive balloon with message of joy
joy in london
Skate rink installed and being used at Somerset House and a colourful Christmas tree greets visitors
cobble stones and courtyards at christmas
snow trimmed London red telephone box
cold public call box
snow hits London and the pigeon population prepare for protracted rationing of food sources
outdoor food bank for pigeons
frozen ice forms on the Trafalgar Square fountains at Christmas
icy london fountains and christmas tree
snowball fight near St Paul's cathedral
game of death... not
three London buses on a snowy London bridge and big Ben
 london buses on sludgy westminster bridge as snow falls
winter night ice and the NATIONAL GALLERY in Trafalgar Square
slippery icy steps to the national gallery

Ebenezer Scrooge Santa seeing double and santa's helpers looking a little lost
cast of christmas characters
Cartier at Christmas with red lit trees adorning the exterior of their New Bond street store
cartier new bond street at christmas
untouched snow and view to big Ben and the parliament building across the Thames
sprinkling of mother nature's white powder gives a temporary high to Londoners

National gallery view to Nelsons column and Christmas tree
christmas tree in trafalgar square
festive watery London image with visitors, Tower bridge and a brightly illuminated Christmas tree
water fun and christmas at the tower
Somerset House at Christmas with couple leaving the cobbled courtyard
christmas couple
Boudicea and two daughters on the razzle and on a chariot approaching big Ben before taking an almighty bender across London
boudicea and family out on a major bender in londinium
bad Santa strung up from one disgruntled person in London this Christmas
santa just hanging out
snowy Westminster abbey with snowman trained in security
snowman security outside westminster abbey gift shop
jelly baby family visiting London as it snows wrought ironwork public seat in snowy Victoria gardens London and view to Parliament building
victoria gardens
snow on a Lonson bridge close to where big Ben and his clock stand (2013)
snowy bridge of visitors and big ben
  jelly baby family in hibernation mode  
pigeons on the lookout for scarce food though they may become a food source for the poor in London
juicy plump pigeons not yet in a pie
Christmas trees at Claridges in London
christmas at claridges
TrafalgarSquare fountain bathed in pink at Christmas
fountain in pink
the bear necessities of life are food water and love - London window displays
a bobble of bears at christmas
homeless guy and ATM machines at Christmas in London
free cash in london and rough sleeping
walking in Hyde park when it has snowed - Day of Triffids two
day of the triffids two
colourful and Christmassy entrance to a Park Plaza Hotel in London built on a roundabout
park plaza at christmas
girl balancing three pigeons in London's St James's park after snow has fallen
new friends in london
traditional black taxi driving along Westminster bridge after snowfall
taxis on a london bridge

huge present on the Thames path near Tower bridge waiting to be unwrapped
biggest present
golden hued London eye at night and river Thames view
london gold
streets of London at christmas ca be a lonely place but angels do sometimes visit upon the bereft and homeless
angel on a doorstep
snowy steps of a London bridge with view to houses of parliament and big ben snowy Greenwich park with large snowballs in the foreground along with a little girl pulling a sled with mum and their dog debut in Christmassy Trafalgar Square of new Routemaster bus in 2011
illegal parking at christmas
Calorific sweeties on display in temporary festive shop at Wonderland in Hyde Park
girl on the run from cops
illegal parking at christmas
anticipated fun in snowy greenwich park    
Christmas tree comprised of thousands of 20 carat diamonds on display in London
10 billion pound christmas tree
snow in London Victoria lamplights and Parliament
victorian lighting in london, snow and parliament
two big guns welcome at the Imperial war museum in London 2010
big guns at the imperial war museum

night snow and winter trees the leaves replaced by blue and white festive lights
christmas tree boulevard in london

snowy exterior of Westminster abbey with snow covered tree branches
westminster abbey and snow
snow in Greenwich park and view acros the river to the east of London with Canary Wharf skyscrapers
snowy london park and view east
a Mermaid and her children with dolphins in snowy Trafalgar Square London
mermaid enjoying the fredom of london at night
festive looking night scene from London with snow and avenue of lit (Christmas) trees
melting snow

winter parkscape in black and white from London featuring snow and naked trees
winterscape london with denuded trees
home sweet home for family of five living rough in London
new social housing for london's poor
big Ben snowfall and plants around St Thomas's Hospital
snowy big ben view
fountains in technicolor and winter wonderland in London
fountains of wayne london
Somerset House at Christmas with tree decorated with red ribbons and baubles
christmas tree and courtyard
London Hyde park Winter wonderland drawing crowds of visitors annually
winter wonderland hyde park
Trafalgar square orange fountains and Norway donated Christmas tree in the famous Square
coloured water fountains and christmas tree
snow and Buckingham palace London 2010
buckingham palace and snow filled gardens
blue illuminated Norway donated Christmas tree and its reflection in a Trafalgar Square fountain
o christmas tree
virginal snow on top of walls by this Thames path and snowy big Ben and parliament image
virgin snow
Christmas trees on London's Southbank SE1 - London 2015
trees in bloom in london
two boys play football at Somerset House where a Christmas tree is installed as is a temporary ice rink
world football at somerset house
Orbit attraction in London and a Christmas tree in black and white
christmas tree and orbit attraction
count your blessings at Christmas for who knows what lays in store in the future
yo ho ho at christmas
the spirit of Christmas with water fun and Tower bridge (2015)
mini geysers at potters fields
snow topped wood bench in St Thomas's Hospital visitor grounds aand view of big Ben
snowy bench and visitors with big ben
  starry photo from London with Christmas wood chalets and Tower bridge
  starry starry night...
  nude family enjoy playing in the snow. Their joy of life fountain has temporarily stopped producing water
image above used for Home page December 2015

 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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