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only learned of this tree while watching the festively named Holly (Willoughby) and Phil (Scofield) presenting their four day stint on the weekday morning two hour long live programme aptly called 'This Morning'. Every day for the week of 13th December to the 18th December a choir of children would stand in front of the tree and sing a Christmas Hymn. I considered riding to the area to grab some photos of them singing their little hearts out - not always harmoniously - with the Christmassy background and also taking a few snaps of Holly and Phil but my sleep is poor at best and my face takes a good few hours to return to something resembling a human so if I was to make an appearance I fear the singing would turn to screams as the little mites clocked my mug which would make great live tv but perhaps a little cruel. So I rode up to the area during the evening and was pleased and surprised (Surprise Surprise is another ITV show presented by Holly) to see it nicely decorated and illuminated. It was cordoned off from the public and a security guard was sitting within the cordoned area. After taking some pics a guy came up to me and let it be known he was in a wind-up mood and wondered what would happen if he crossed into the area cordoned. He'd had a few drinks but wasn't sloshed, just in a naughty mood. The female guard who was small in height told the guy he was not allowed in this area. She was not in the mood for his antics and told him so and within a few minutes was joined by a male colleague. He was more laid back and both kept on eye on the guy as he considered his options from behind the sectioned off area. I told him to not try their patience but unsure whether he heeded my advice. The female guard chatted to me about the 12 hours shifts she'd just done and that she'd be present for the morning show the next day (Friday 18th) and why she wasn't going to tolerate the mischief maker. I grabbed a few more photos before wishing her and her colleague well and bidding farewell to the lone grinch of Christmas.
Update: The Christmas tree as seen in the image below did not stay the course over Christmas. It had disappeared when I rode in the area a few days ago 23rd December and wonder why it couldn't have stood for the duration? Maybe it seemed necessary to have at least one guard by its side throughout its tenure and this could be costly. Also the This Morning show stopped airing for this year on the 23rd December and looks as though the tree went off air too

This image is a London photo selected for the month of December 2015

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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