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Westminster bridge and big Ben as snow falls over London (2013)
there's a group of London visitors dressed for the special occasion (snow in London) on Westminster bridge in this image from 2013. Snow does fall most years over London but although it has a tendency to bring London's public transport to a grinding halt the snow is usually not deep nor falls for days and nights in succession. It's generally welcomed by all as it does prettify the city temporarily and the kids love it as do the majority of adults. The two images here were taken almost the same time and I've increased the colour in one. Some may prefer the more colourful image, others the more subdued one. It's all personal preference

snow on a Lonson bridge close to where big Ben and his clock stand (2013)
snow falls on London visitors and Westminster bridge in this big Ben and parliament photo

These images are London photos selected for the month of DECEMBER 2015

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)