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great for families this area of London (Potters Fields) is always popular with visitors and Christmas time is no exception. There's no snow this year but the kids can make do splashing around the water jets guessing which are about to erupt geyser like and so shriek with laughter or screams... and that's just the boys. This part of London is not central but across the river Thames in south east London though close to the river and as seen in the photo Tower bridge is very near. A Christmas tree - not a real one but one made with ever decreasing circles bottom to top - is bright and attractive and a beacon for all visitors. It's a nice photo opportunity for all

the spirit of Christmas with water fun and Tower bridge (2015)
free fun for all near Tower bridge in Christmas tree image from London December 2015

These Christmassy images are London photos selected for the month of DECEMBER 2015

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)