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     archive of London based photos for the month of August 2016. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - snowball fight to the death at St Paul's cathedral (2008) Image No2 - Santa gives a thumbs up indicating his deliveries of presents to children around the world is going well (2016) Image No3 - Piccadilly Circus (2008) Image No4 - Dorchester hotel (2008) Image No5 - red glowing London eye viewed from Victoria Embankment (2010) Image No6 - Portland House, sculpture and new London architecture (2016) Image No7 - four wheel bike (2008) Image No8 - mother and her son look directly my way as I snap these circular coloured lights that don't look disimilar to Smarties sweets (2008) Image No 9 - Supergirl (2007) Image No10 - frozen in London as water doesn't unfortunately turn to wine but ice (2008) Image No 11 - break time so this London cleaner downs tools and sits on a famous London bridge (2010) Image No12 - nine red arrow jets fly low and ruffle Admiral Nelson's hair (2008) Image No13 - female waiting for a night bus (2008) Image No 14 - snow on the ground near the National Gallery (2008) Image No15 - a beautiful Husky dog wakes me from my overnight sleep in a London park (2016) Image No 16 - this bicycle ride and annual event won't be seen in Saudi Arabia for a few years yet (2008) Image No17 - Mods off to Brighton then grabbing a cup of Cocoa?  (2016) Image No18 - blue glass Gherkin shaped skyscraper popular with everyone and sculpture made with hundreds of metal cylinders, tubes, spheres and other metal objects (circa 2011) Image No19 - taking a leaf out of the White stripes, Ting-tings and other band duos is Tommy and Mary playing a live set in Oxford street (2016) Image No20 -  Millennium bridge and ghostly apparitions (2012) Image No21 - unususual pets taking their owner for a walk around central London (2007) Image No 22 - Ministry of silly walks convention on a walk in London (2016) Image No 23 - Pedalos on a London lake (2016) Image No24 - small business units waiting for business opportunties and council estate block now in the architecture cemetery in the sky (2014) Image No25 - London black taxi protest against TFL....and Uber  (2014) Image No 26 - Devo fan holds an elephant aloft in London (2016) Image No27 - two boys watch a magic football hover in the air (2007) Image No28 - foot tunnel entrance at Greenwich and skyscrapers in Canary Wharf (2014) Image No29 - taxi bicycle parked on Westminster bridge with the London eye in the background (2011) Image No 30 - avenue of trees in a London park (2016) Image No 31 - big Ben at sunset (2011) Image No32 - the London eye - two images, a half view at night resplendent in its array of colour (2009) Image No33 - water feature and London visitors soaking up the afternoon sun (2016)

images on display are from the years 2005-2016

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fight to the death as a snowball fight ensues near St Pauls cathedral
fighting in london

Santa Claus (Father Christmas) delivering presents vis Westminster bridge in London with Big Ben
santas on schedule
Piccadilly Circus and some London visitors under Eros
piccadilly circus
Park Lane's famous Dorchester Hotel at Christmas
dorchester hotel external christmas decorations

night image of London's famous newer icon the London eye, its livery lit red
icon glowing at night
Portland House London Victoria in split view with sculptural coloured shapes
portland house london
not a yellow taxi but yellow human powred trike in the Old Kent Road
yellow 4 wheel bike
charming mother and son pose in front of large 'art piece' with coloured lights
strangers and lights
Supergirl takes part in the London Marathon
unfair advantages
the water of London's Trafalgar Square fountains turns to ice in this night image form London
frozen london
London street cleaner takes a break on Tower bridge
keeping london clean
red arrows fly over London emitting patriotic red white and blue jet trails
a different type of red arrow

lone female waits for a night bus in Parliament Square London
waiting for a night bus in london
London snow scene from Trafalgar Square with National Gallery
snow and a national institution
a Husky dog greets me in Hyde Park as I sleep overnight
time to wake up
girl wearing a yellow bikini (no Polka dots) riding a bike in London
saddle sore face
snow in Trafalgar Square and view to the National gallery
snow lions

pretty scene from London with a park lake and flying birds

London eye with light beams and down river view at night
side view of a beaming icon
Fred Dibnah not around to scale this tall chimney in east London
circular erection in brick and apartments
Albert buildings in London's Square mile at 49 Queen Victoria street EC4
albert buildings
snow in London (thawing) and view to iconic Tower bridge and Mayoral building City Hall
london snow with landmark bridge
makeshift game of rugby on sand in Trafalgar Square London
rugby game in trafalgar sq
path leading to the Imperial war museum with snowy gardens
imperial war museum
London red heads and marathon runners (2008)
like looking in the mirror
the BFT in London's Hyde Park about to have lunch
shaggy the friendly tree monster

generations on wheels in London
four & three wheelers

artist at work beautifying some elephants at Elephant and Castle
asian beauties
Tower of London and Latin inscription on Tower bridge (Lord Direct Us)
lord direct us
very large buff girl reclining sexily in London
baby's got back
The Buxton Memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens London
anti slavery dedication
 St Pauls cathedral at night with Christmas tree
remnants of snow around st paul's
  very tall Queens regiment guard wirh bearskin hat and big Ben
image above used for Home page August 2016


 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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