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night view of the London des-res belonging to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and husband Phil. An assortment of staff and a couple of Corgi dogs also share the digs with the Royals. This year (2015) the fee paying serfs will be able to access Buckingham palace using the front or main entrance and not via the servants quarters. Visitors will be able to explore the State Rooms where great works of art can be viewed from the likes of Peter Paul Rubens, Canaletto and Vermeer and see some of the finest examples of English and French (Sacre Bleu) furniture. There are a mere 775 rooms in the palace so Ma'am if you're reading this, think about all the moolah you could rake in if you rented these out plus if you personally served breakfast that would also incur a premium price (a King's ransom?) I know the majority of tourists would be happy to pay. Tours in and around Buck Pal include nineteen State rooms, the Throne room which is not the toilet though there are seventy eight bathrooms should you wish to inspect them; celebrated architect John Nash's 'Grand staircase', an audio tour with Prince Charles which may have him recommending you try some of his delicious Duchy of Cornwall organic biscuits and cakes and ask you to do your bit for the environment. Should you start feeling a little claustrophobic you can adjourn outside to the bijou garden area. The photo below has a photographic faux pas with streams of light from a street lamp which I quite like

night view looking to the front of Buckingham Palace (2009)

This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of AUGUST 2015

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)