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APRIL 2016

     archive of London based photos for the month of April 2016. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - ex Post Office now BT tower does Star Wars  (2011) Image No2 - Ai WeiWei Zodiac sculptures Somerset House (2011) Image No3 - London eye and star shapes from the sun and camera flash (2009) Image No4 - man riding a Recumbent three wheel bike around London (2015) Image No5 - flowers in full bloom near Buckingham Palace (2016) Image No6 - muscly Rasta guy at the Birthday suited London bike ride (2007) Image No7 - terror in London's skies (2009) Image No8 - vertical spurting water fountains of different heights (2010) Image No 9 - royalty fans celebrate outside Buckingham palace (2012) Image No10 - man and three skeleton heads and part bodies enjoying the view across the Thames (2009) Image No 11 - old tyre left on the Thames shore as Touring boats pass by (2010) Image No12 - carry-a pigeon or two (2006) Image No13 - Renaissance apartments built in Lewisham (circa 2012) Image No 14 - cops block off part of Peckham (2015) Image No15 -Churchill immovable (2010) Image No 16 - Millennium bridge folk hithering and fithering (circa 2009) Image No17 - verified sighting of an alien ship making a pit stop in London (2009) Image No18 - carnival Queen feathered not tarred (2010) Image No19 - London cabbies protest (2014) Image No20 -  looking through a ound port hole down the river Thames (2010) Image No21 - small 1920's or earlier car not broken down in central London (2010) Image No 22 - Emo clambers on the roof entrance to Selfridges (2014) Image No 23 - Tower bridge for pedestrians only (2014) Image No24 - inside out building or Lloyds steel skyscraper leaning to one side (2008) Image No25 - sunset on the bridge - Westminster view to parliament, Big Ben and hot dogs  (2011) Image No 26 - man spreading his seed in London (2005) Image No27 - selfie on Millennium bridge (2012) Image No28 - loved up in Trafalgar square (2009) Image No29 - treasure seekers near the Toower of London and Tower bridge (2009) Image No 30 - undeniable facts about cyclists (2014) Image No 31 - beautiful days out in London (2010) Image No32 - Westminster bridge, red double deck bus and Elizabeth tower also and better known as big Ben (2011) Image No33 - big and baby elephants in the park (2010)

images on display are from the years 2005-2016

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BT tower does Star Wars in London
star wars in town

Tiger bronze head from Chinese artist Ai WeiWei Somerset House courtyard 2011
ai ai ai ai like you very much
London eye at sunset with star bursts
stars at sunset
middle age gent riding a recumbent cycle in Farringdon road and new Routemaster bus
getting down not dirty in london
flowers in bloom surrounding the public areas of Buckingham palace in April
early bloomers
muscled Rastaman riding down Whitehall in central London
dreadlocked in the city
flying creatures from prehistoric age given the chance to live again and are now relishing their new life
new terror threat in london
foreground of lit jets of water and skyscraper background
sunlight and fountains
Royal loyal fans wearing British themed clothes and accessories outside Buckingham Palace
true brits
lonely male, ex wives and big Ben, a harrowing tale from London
contemplative mood
dumped tyre on the Thames shore in river boats view to Canary wharf
quotable london
girl holding pigeons in London
making friends in london
Loampit Vale Renaissance flats built by Barratt homes
speak to the hand - Peckham lady displeased with Policeman's response
sign language from peckham

Winston Churchill's statue suffers some graffiti during a London protest
churchill defiled but defiant
Millennium bridge day view with a variety of people crossing east and south of London
millennium people
genuine flying saucer makes contact and a close encounter with some Londoners and tourists
extra-terrestrial ship

girl going to work in London on dress down Friday
off to work

cab drivers not happy with mayor Boris and put up a protest
cabbies demo
hole through a wall view down the river Thames taking in the Shard and Tower bridge
through a hole view
1920's or earlier little car heading up or down London's Shaftesbury avenue
not so golden oldie?
Emo in London on shopping spree in Oxford street
herculean emo in oxford street

rare day in London as Tower bridge is closed to traffic
no traffic!
Lloyds of London building on London's Lime street
bowellism build
London sunset with big Ben and possibly illegal Westminster bridge street trader
sunset and sizzles
frenzy of birds follow a man handing out free food in London
a popular guy in london

my meditation or meltdown on London's Millennium bridge
loving couples and famous London landmarks (Nelson in Trafalgar Square)
who blinks first game
digging up history or a London shore clean up by Tower bridge
rich pickings
bicycle facts in sticker forn on a Claud Butler bicycle in London
bawdy postcard type fun on a bike
summer in a London park where people rest, chat, play or jog
day in the park
 parlaiment an dbig Ben with red London bus in image of black and white and colour
cliches in london
  elephants wait to be auctioned not for their ivory
image above used for Home page April 2016


 all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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