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a look down river through this rounded hole, part of a London bridge. You can get an accurate estimate of when this photo by looking at the construction stage of the Shard skyscraper on the right in my photo. There's quite a few floors to go before reaching its full height. Construction of the south east London tapering glass tower began in March 2009 and was opened on the 1st February 2013. My sister worked in Guy's Hospital and would pass the site each working day and was surprised how quickly the floors were built. In the centre of this photo and it may not be obvious because of the distance and camera lens used is Tower bridge. It was built a little before the Shard.
hole in the wall view down river to London's bridges and a few landmarks
hole through a wall view down the river Thames taking in the Shard and Tower bridge
This image is one of thirty three London photos selected for the month of April 2016

 photo by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)