my Condor road bike in our flat with Organised Stalking license plate 

Konnie, my better half relaxing in the front room. We've been together for over ten years and though she's showing slight signs of her age still attracts some admiring glances. I on the other hand am turning uglier by the day as the cumulative toll of noise harassment, sleep deprivation, stigmatisation and possible human rights breaching use of some of the newer technologies etches its way onto my once extremely handsome face (;) and has a detrimental effect on my physical well being

The Organised Stalking London bike plate was a very recent purchase (mid April 2016) and cost me the princely sum of a shade under 12 quid. I had no idea it almost coincided with the beginning of 'stalking awareness week' here in the UK. The type of Stalking this awareness week will highlight will be familiar to the majority of the population though it would be a minority that has experience of the stalking. Lily Allen is one of the more famous faces to have suffered the psychological effects of the single stalker scenario and happily has seen her stalker convicted. Organised stalking however won't be known to anyone other than those that are taking part and those on the receiving end. Whether my unusual licence plate will arouse interest from anyone seeing it time will tell and I fear I don't have a great deal of time to get the sinister programme of Organised stalking (gangstalking) out to the public. The media for whatever reason totally blank this subject. Why? That would be good to know. So will I manage a little success convincing some members of the public of the reality of this chilling systematic enduring campaign of harasssment or will it prove, to use the current parlance, to be an 'epic fail'?

Update September 2016: KONNIE IS DEAD

My Konnie - waddya mean She's only a bike - developed a severe wobble when I was riding her and it was during a ride a few days after the wobble I finally tracked down the reason. Naturally on seeing Her fatal wound I rode home very carefully and slowly. I wasn't going to walk the four (ish) miles! If I had ridden in my normal fast style I would have suffered an accident because the frame would have split completely particularly if I'd hit a pothole or gone over one or more of the many road humps. Luckily for me I didn't and I spotted the fatal fracture in time. My suspicious nature thought it looked like sabotage as though someone had tried to cut through the frame but a frame builder I emailed says he has seen a number of similar over the years and so believes it is metal fatigue

Konnie is dead and I now keep her in the flat


this website is in two parts. The main focus is of course the London photos. The second part which was added some years after has become part of because I believe this web lends more credibility to a subject which has hitherto remained well below the average person's radar and the organisations involved in this extremely intrusive, invasive and illegal stalking and harassment programme (yes it does exist) wouldn't want it any other way so the least you know the better for them. If I were to talk about the subject of organised stalking on a standalone blog I fear it, like so many other blogs on this virtually unknown subject would receive short shrift from the visitor mostly due to the disinformation webs put out there to obfuscate the visitor in the hope he or she will give any such sites a wide berth from then on. It's important to visit webs and blogs that deal with the subject with intelligence and in as rational a manner as possible which is never easy due to the very nature of this updated version of what the Stasi practised on its citizens in the 1960's 70s and 80s.  The three links I've provided below should introduce and educate you to the insidious practise that is Organised Stalking/harassment in a thought provoking manner. Anecdotally those targeted for this neverending regime of predominantly psychological based punishments are ordinary people. Some may have pissed off the authorities, the government or police and became a definite contender for secret induction and life changer (not in any good way) while others swear they have wronged no-one and have absolutely no idea why they have been chosen for 'target practise'.  September 2015

I uploaded a vid to YouTube (which has no accompanying music) on the subject of ORGANISED STALKING and some of the fun I have been experiencing since 2009. It's roughly 12 minutes of your life you won't get back but if you're inquisitive please do take a look here

 A mantra I try to now live my life by is from the title of a song. You'll know it and it is perhaps the one most played at funerals. It is of course Monty Python's always look on the bright side of lifePlease DO visit and FULLY read the webs I've linked to below. This is conspiracy theory territory but is happening as it did to east Germans but the difference today is the technology available. What is being used for surveillance or worse may not be in the public domain for many years.


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my experience    in home harassment

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