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AUGUST 2015 archive of London based photos for the month of August 2015. From left to right top row down:  Image No1 - cleaning big Ben as four pros abseil Elizabeth tower to clean each delicate face of the iconic clock. The clock hands have been purposely moved to 12 o'clock to aid the cleaning (2014) Image No2 - summertime in a London park with bucolic black and white view (2015) Image No3 - a very long table spanning Southwark bridge with diners tucking into food and drink and basking in the jovial atmosphere during the Thames festival weekend  (2008) Image No4 - Lorenzo Quinn's 'Harmony' sculpture in shiny steel and aluminium plonked within the dual carriageway of London's busy Park Lane (2015) Image No5 - a beaming London eye glowing red casts light beams across the river from platinum hued passenger pods (2011) Image No6 - newly unveiled Routemsater LT61 AHT in Trafalgar Square gets the once over from the public who are allowed to board the bus though it was stationary throughout the night (2011) Image No7 - man re-enacting a scene from Mr Alfred Hitchcock's Birds film (2011) Image No8 - Buckingham Palace at night (2009) Image No9 - the Americas and the Prince Albert memorial (2015) Image No 10 - two designer tube train carriages on permanent display in east London (2008) Image No11 - Shard skyscraper design inspiration at London bridge (2014) Image No 12 - calm before the storm as riot cops and ordinary police relax and chat at the G20 protest (2009) Image No13 - snow surrounds the Imperial war museum in London as couple walk towards the exit (2010) Image No14 - river Thames view with cumulus clouds (2008) Image No 15 - virgin snow atop walls by the Thames in wintry view to parliament buildings and big Ben though star of the show is my Condor road bike (2010) Image No16 - proud parent watching over her young  (2015) Image No 17 - girl with 'the eyes' (2008) Image No18 - black taxi cab crosses Tower bridge (2007) Image No19 - taxis again but a different landmark.... big Ben (2007) Image No20 - part view of a colourfully reflected London eye (2011) Image No21 - canal boats and their owners having a chinwag (2012) Image No22 - sexyback girl promoting Pink Floyd on a bike event where clothes are optional (2008) Image No23 - Broadcasting House in Portland place and the All Souls church spire with tip of the BT tower (2008) Image No 24 - two iconic landmarks in London, the Statue of Liberty and big Ben (201?) Image No 25 - emotive placard photo and title 'Israel klls children' from an anti Zionist protest (2007) Image No26 - National gallery with red hued Trafalgar Square fountains (2010) Image No27 - leaning tower of Lloyds London in black and white (2014) Image No 28 - Punked and other designer buses on display in the former Olympic park in Stratford borough of Newham  (2015) Image No29 - Tower bridge at night looking east (2008) Image No30 - "your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them" but this is no mirage as the BT tower transforms into a huge light saber (2011) Image No31 - Albert memorial Hyde Park/Kensington gardens (2015) Image No 32 - living the good life on a shoestring (2012) Image No 33 - man and dog in harmony jogging in a London park (2013)


images on display are from the years 2007-2015

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four guys clean big Ben's clock using abseiling and lots of lather and elbow grease beautiful London park on a sunny day in July 2015 with fountain
bucolic park scene
the long table in London peopled by visitors to the Thames festival weekend harmony sculptrure in Park Lane London by Lorenzo Quinn
'harmony' lorenzo quinn
big ben clean at noon   bridge dining  
the London eye on red alert this night in 2011 shooting warning beams into the night
beaming london eye at night
LT61 AHT a new Routemaster bus debuting in London's Trafalgar Square gull attack in London 2011 by the Serpentine lake in Hyde park
hitchcock's birds ii
night view looking to the front of Buckingham Palace (2009)
buckingham palace at night
  debut of a new london bus    
The Americas - British sculptor John Bell's impressive marble sculpture on one corner of the Albert memorial London tube train carriages as artistic exhibit and Sugababes advert in London
two tube carriages put to pasture
reaching for the sky in London - Shard skyscraper and obeliskian sculpture G20 police and non police London April 1st 2009
sit-in at the london g20 protest
the americas statue   shard skyscraper inspiration  
Imperial war museum London with couple walking hand in hand down snowy path
imperial war museum and snow
big cumulus clouds add interest to this river Thames view taken in Woolwich
river thames view & cumulus clouds
virginal snow on top of walls by this Thames path and snowy big Ben and parliament image
snow and big ben
two chicks and proud parent in this Hyde Park Serpentine image from 2015
      mother on watch duty
girl dances with her beau in outdoor annual fest the Thames festival black cab driven across Tower bridge south of the river Thames in this black and white icons image
tower bridge a black taxi cab
black cabs of the traditional and familiar shape wait at traffic lights near big Ben London eye part view with colourful river reflections in night photo
colourful london eye
eyes   big ben and waiting taxis  
moored canal boats with owners temporarily staying at Canary Wharf east London
canal boatees chat
female with Dark side of the moon cover painted on her back in London bike ride BBC broadcasting House and All Souls church London
bbc and all souls church
pretty Emily dressed as the statue of Liberty with big Ben standing tall at the back - London
  pink floyd fan on her bike   emily and two icons
Emotive placard seen at an anti Zionist protest in central London 2007 World Communismm day celebrated symbollically in Trafalgar Square London
red mist at night london delight
Lloyds Tower by Richard Rogers architects - a black and white icon image from London
lloyds of london leaning to the right
London mini bus trail in Queen Elizabeth park Stratford
london bus trail sculptures
emotive protest placards      
Tower bridge colour image with tail light trails from a London bus
tower bridge at night with blue sky
BT tower does Star Wars emitting a lighsaber blue beam into the London sky
the force is strong with this one
image of Prince Albert's impressive memorial monument in Kensington gardens London homeless and freezing in London (2012)
home is wherever found
    royal albert memorial  
  1 man and his dog, a bull terrier jog around Burgess Park London
image above used for Home page August 2015

all photos by michael crossley (Peckham - Paris - New York)

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