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my London Photography, a fairly narrow snapshot of this great city, became a hobby for me when my brother-in-law loaned me use of his 1.3 megapixel camera back in the prehistoric era. It became a proper hobby once I purchased a domain name and hosting to display to the world and indeed our ever expanding Universe my images from London. I'm very pleased to say I've had some nice compliments - once I'd learnt to interpret the strange languages -  from alien life forms inhabiting disparate and distant parts of our beautiful universe and in a distant past some of my images were once licensed by companies at Christmas but those days are gone and though I'm always happy to receive compliments personally or for my photos (both as rare as God existing) licensing must remain a no-no for the forseeable future. Since 2004 I've had three photo and picture related domain names. I began with and that web included a very wide range of art from British artists and I wish I had maintained that site but in truth I was way out of my depth. I know nothing about website programming and design (you don't say:) and that web really deserved someone far more capable than I. There were some very nice people that I had to disappoint when I decided to end my happy times working on was my next domain purchase and it focused selfishly on me and my photos. At least no-one else was involved should I make any mistakes and making mistakes should have been my middle name. One more name change and I dropped the hyphen or dash from to get which i've had for at least five years and is a 'keeper'. Hiding behind a lens is far more comfortable than being in front of it and I may suffer from a form of Aspergers or similar because I am very uncomfortable in the company of people, particularly strangers but this hasn't prevented me from taking photos of these scary humans as I attend some of the protests and demonstrations that take place throughout the year as well as less confrontational people images - tourists, people at play or enjoying some other leisure activity in London.  Advanced old age, I'm 54 and a half, aches and other things affecting my life have conspired together which has meant my output today is waning. Actually it's non existent at this moment in time but should the (non existing) Gods smile down on me and help here and there hopefully I'll soon be out and about again, camera in one hand, maybe a Zimmer frame the other snapping away at anything my good eye deems interesting. This 'archive' of London images (I thought archive sounded important so couldn't resist using it) displays approximately thirty two images each month with a varying selection of London photos taken between 2004 and today. Hope you find something worthwhile as you peruse my better efforts within. Thanks, Michael

I am behind in updates but hope to add to photos of London very soon. The latest month of images is August 2016
  tallest Queen's Regiment guard handing out leaflets to Her Majesty's bash at the palace  
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